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casualpcgames's Journal

Casual PC Games
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For anyone who likes to play casual games on the computer.
This community is for anyone who plays casual pc games of any kind. This can be time management games, tycoon games, sim games, hidden object, match-3... anything. Casual games are basically anything you'd find at sites like Big Fish Games, LDW, Play First Games, GameHouse, or Reflexive Arcade.

Obviously, you can use this community to post game guides (spoilers under a cut, please), tutorials, reviews, requests for help on levels, and so on. Icons and other graphics are accepted. Discussion of modding games that can be modded (e.g., graphic mods for VV) is also accepted.

We have a couple of rules, which are just meant to keep the community organized.

1: If you're posting an introduction, please include a list of games you play. After all, that's why we're here.

2: You may start a topic about a new game, but we ask that you only start topics for games that you've actually tried. We don't need announcements about newly released games; new games are released daily. If you start a topic about a game, you need to have more to say that "This game just came out at Big Fish," or something like that. You need to have at least tried it, so you can give us a first-hand opinion of the game.

2.5: On the other hand, you are free to discuss upcoming games that you look forward to. For example, it's fine to discuss the upcoming Virtual Villagers 4.

3: Long messages and game spoilers go under a cut.

4: Pimping your own lj, community, or site requires permission unless it's part of a legitimate post. You are free, of course, to add this info within any legitimate post (or in comments). We just don't need the community to fill up with ads.